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     BSc :  Physics, Shiraz University, IRAN 1985
         MSc :  Physics, Sharif University of Technology, IRAN 1988
         PhD :  Mathematical Physics, Sharif University of Technology, IRAN 1993


Research interest

·  Reaction-Diffusion models,

·  Exactly solvable models, 

·  Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory


My CV in Persian

My CV in English

Some Photos

Shiraz University


with Prof. Sobouti, Quantum Mechanics


with Prof. Barati, Solid State Physics

with Prof. Behkami, Nuclear Physics



In the lab

Alimohammadi, Eltejaei, Ghiasinejad, Aghamohammadi, Zakeri


In the lab

Aghamohammadi, Alimohammadi, Eltejaei, Ghiasinejad


Sharif University of Technology




 Kaviani, Payami,Golshani, Ardalan, Arfaei, Shirzad, Abolahasani, Aghamohammadi, Shafiekhani, Vesali, Mohazzab


 Karimipour, Alimohammadi, Shirzad, Rajaei, Golshani, Ardalan, Kaviani, Arfaei


 Golshani, Arfaei, Karimipour, Ardalan, Alimohammadi, Rajaei, Aghamohammadi





Shafiei Dehabad, Shirzad, Karimipour, Arfaei, Aghamohammadi